151) Social position of men and women

The idea that a man is socially superior to a woman is common in our society. It is rare for a woman to be in a position of power. Few women have been able to make their career compatible with marriage. The role of a woman, especially as wife, is fairly distinctly defined.

152) Marriage as an institution

Monogamy is the only form of marriage that is legally recognized.

153) Affairs

It is not morally acceptable to have a mistress. Some people, however, secretly feel that it's a sign of a man.

154) Walking in the street by oneself at night

It is not uncommon to see a young woman walking alone late at night, even though it is a little dangerous.

155) When a man sees a beautiful woman

When a man happens to see a beautiful woman, he steals a sideways glance at her and pass with a tense face as if he were a little angry. When he is with company, they sometimes play a joke on a woman with unrefined words.

156) Registering at a hotel

When we register at a hotel or a Ryokan, we don't need any identification. When a couple who are not married check in a hotel, they sometimes register as a married couple. Sometimes, however, they don't bother, since their relationship matters little to the hotel manager. It is not necessary to register at a "Love Hotel" or a motel.

157) Prostitution

Prostitution is prohibited by law. It is also socially unacceptable. However, at places like "Soap Land" camouflaged prostitution is being carried out.

158) Abortion

Abortion is legally and socially permissible.

159) A man and a woman alone in a room

People often misconstrue a man and a woman being alone in a room together.

160) Public toilets

There are very few mixed public toilets, most being divided into men's and women's. Toilets doors can be fastened to allow some privacy of the occupant.

161) Homosexual love and adultery

Homosexual love is not legally punishable. Nor is adultery.

162) Exposure of genitals in public

It is legally prohibited that genitals are exposed in public, even if it is only a picture. Portrayal of sex in a film or a magazine is also illegal.

163) Monthly physiological leave and morning sickness

In companies, factories, etc., a monthly physiological paid holiday at the time of menstruation is legally offered to women. (Usually it is two days a month.) Women usually feel morning sickness for the first few months of pregnancy. Taking a bath is not allowed until a week after giving birth.

164) Contraceptives the condom and pill

Condom are sold at pharmacies, or may be obtain from slot machines on the street. The pill is approved as a machine to regulate menstruation and sold as such.



165) Marriage and divorce

Many marriages are the results of love, but also many marriages are arranged by parents or "Nakodo"(go-between). Divorce is comparatively rare.

166) Adult privileges

When we reach the age of twenty, we are given the right to marry without our parents' consent. We also gain the right to vote.

167) Homes and families


Traditionally the eldest son lived with his parents even after he married. Nowadays, however, the number of nuclear families is increasing. The number of people in an average household is four. A family who has more than three children receives a monthly allowance.

168) Wedding ceremonies and dinner

A wedding dinner is often held at a hotel and lasts for two or three hours. During the reception, a bride changes her clothes two or three times (this is called "Oiro-naoshi"). After that, the newly married couple leave for a few days honey moon. The average age of marriage is twenty-seven for a man and twenty-four for a woman.